The Dilemma of biases

Aastha Madan
1 min readJan 25, 2021


Courtesy: Photo by Abdullah Ahmad on Unsplash

A power within, some days subtle and some days nudging

I explore what is amiss peeping through a stream of thoughts

And some days a provocation of “Who am I” challenges my awareness of myself

Like a flame with three different colours, I burn within and the blue expands further more

How a few of us have found ourselves, intrigues me to the core

Some days I think in awe, A Durga, A Kali, A Saraswati, A Laxmi

How simply our scriptures put together the innate power into different forms

The power that transforms one into a nurturer!

“Forgiveness” is the vigor as I see it more than the seemingly divine “Selflessness”

I should forgive myself for not doing enough!

I should forgive myself for being too accommodative,

when I become nurturer at my own expense!

I should forgive others for the biases that I come across

in my roles of a daughter, a mother, a daughter in law for choosing one over the other!

Just being “Me” could lead to the blessings of an open heart..

So, I carefully tread the path to overcome any judgements passed

Being mindful of the peace that forgiveness brings yet being firm on the stance for being “Me”



Aastha Madan

Driven by purpose.. Change is the only constant.. Brace yourself!!