Human Heart is eternally hopeful…

Aastha Madan
2 min readAug 12, 2020

There could be many such instances that are a reminder of how open, hopeful and tactful one can be, in order to reach their full potential. Also how challenging the perspectives, could help build new perspectives and bloom the relationships.

At ThoughtWorks, people with different perspectives came together in this unprecedented pandemic situation to carve out a “Remote First” approach. Dealing with the new normal has kindled our hidden tactician, all in hope to do better in interest of customers and “TWers”.

Proactively reaching out to peers and keeping a pulse of their challenges and motivations.

Being open about our daily struggles and happy moments in the community

Switching between home and office is just like Doraemon’s “Anywhere Door” and remote doesn’t feel remote anymore!

My journey at ThoughtWorks has taken my perspective a few notches deeper on the concept of growth and cultivation.

The culture resonates with the way we approach things in the family. There is no place for pretence as the organisation celebrates early failures and accepts the “As Is” of the person who is ready to learn! People here readily accept their toxic side and are ready to unlearn!

There is no shying away from showing the direction when asked.

Appreciating aloud and calling out when one falters keeps that balance between strengths and weaknesses.

Everyone is a leader in their own league as they work in teams towards delivery and keep a tab on the team pulse in parallel. Teams call out proactively for support and lend support to the needy peer, just like we do in a family. There are healthy arguments too that keep the pace on learning.

Delivery not going strong, would not let a team go in a cocoon. Instead they would like to fail early and seek support so it does not break their confidence. These teams are on constant look out for anti-patterns that could impact a collective goal and keep nudging each other in the direction of that goal.

I am thankful that I am experiencing such cohesive teams. The very root of this organisation is in cultivating its own people and beyond to perform the most challenging jobs with ease as we all feel that we have each others’ back

Each team is “Avengers Strong” and ever hopeful just like the child who is not afraid of a “Re-Drive” the only difference is that a child may not know that re-birth would mean dying first!



Aastha Madan

Driven by purpose.. Change is the only constant.. Brace yourself!!