And I dreamt…

Aastha Madan
1 min readApr 6, 2020


And I dreamt…

Floating up and down on a serene ocean’s subtle waves

Closing and opening my eyes to the blue sky

Gazing at the pure clouds clusters and a few birds flying high

Such peace.. such calm.. I have never experienced!

A passing boat tumbled me off and here I go down into the water..

Suddenly feeling the vicious darkness

How to float atop.. ?? I struggle to swim.. and breathe..

What come across is my family in my thoughts..

Smiling faces, chirping birds, my mother, my loved ones!

We are all meant to be together

In darkness, in light..

belief is what I need to see through this tide!

Love conquers all is what I heard somewhere..

When I wake up, it will not be just love..

It will be selfless love to make my life meaningful

And to serve what surrounds me, I need courage and wisdom

I trust in nature to save and nurture and opening my heart to embrace what may come!



Aastha Madan

Driven by purpose.. Change is the only constant.. Brace yourself!!